Anastasia Tripolskaya, PCC, ICF
Career Clarity, Life Purpose & Business Coach in NYC

Coaching High-Achievers Seeking a Career Change to Find a Fulfilling Career or Build a Purpose-Driven Business
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Hi! I'm Anastasia Tripolskaya, PCC, ICF

I'm a Professional ICF Certified Life, Career, and Business Coach in New York City with over 10 years of experience and I specialize in helping leaders find their life's work. I've successfully changed careers twice and helped hundreds of professionals worldwide rediscover who they truly are, find fulfilling careers, start or grow their purpose-driven businesses, and go after their biggest dreams.

My purpose in life is to help leaders align with their purpose, so they can live to the fullest of their potential and make a greater impact.

Before becoming a full-time Career Clarity and Life Purpose Coach, I combined my passion for coaching with a successful Fortune 100 Marketing Technology & Strategy Consulting career at Deloitte Digital and a 16-year-long tennis career that brought me to compete for the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a scholar student-athlete. I have also worked in Product Management in Silicon Valley at Intuit.

I’m a trained and certified Solution-Focused Coach with Erickson Coaching International. Erickson Institute is one of the global leaders in the field and its Art & Science of Coaching program is accredited by the ICF, International Coach Federation.
Anastasia Tripolskaya, PCC, ICF, professional certified coach in New York City wearing a suit
Why hire me as your Career Clarity and Life Purpose Coach, or as a Business Coach?

Why hire me as your Career Clarity and Life Purpose Coach, or as a Business Coach?

  • Professional Certified Coach, PCC, ICF
    Over the last 10+ years, I've helped hundreds of professionals gain clarity and confidence during career transitions, and create more happiness, purpose, and impact in their lives. This is NOT some old-school career counseling about job search and cover letters. Working with me is transformational Life Coaching combined with Career Clarity Coaching to help you discover who you truly are, what you want to do, and how to overcome your biggest fears and build confidence to create the most fulfilling and impactful life that you are meant to live.

    As a Professional Certified Coach, PCC, I closely follow ICF and Erickson standards for coaching while also bringing my unique tools and style developed over the years of coaching, mentoring, Fortune 100 consulting, and professional sports.
  • Proven Record of Delivering Results
    Most of my clients are high-achieving professionals and business owners who are no longer interested in doing work that offers security and external success but lacks happiness and meaning. They are ready to find their life's work and start living to the fullest of their potential because they want to enjoy what they do and make a difference in the world using their unique strengths.

    I am humbled to hear from many of my clients that working with me is often a life-changing experience. Whether it's discovering their purpose in life, gaining clarity and confidence about their career future, bringing a big dream to life, or starting/growing a purpose-driven business - all of my Career Clarity, Life Purpose, and Business coaching clients experience the transformation that often exceeds their expectations.
  • Personalized 1:1 Coaching Experience
    My 1:1 coaching sessions and customized exercises in between them are tailored to the needs of each person. Even when goals and milestones for reaching them are alike - I always honor the uniqueness of each client I work with and equip them with the tools that will benefit them at a particular stage on their journey.
  • Progress Revisions & Access to me Between Calls
    I not only send you customized homework for you to complete between our coaching sessions but also review all of your progress before we meet. I'm also available to you via email if you ever have a question or need some personalized support between our calls.
  • Flexibile Formats
    You are in the driver seat when it comes to choosing a format for working together. We can stick with weekly, bi-weekly, or twice a week 60-minute sessions or combine them with deep-dive mini-workshops when more time is required. Each client is different so I am flexible about extending or shortening the time of the regular sessions if that's what's most beneficial to you.
  • Customized Workbooks and Next Steps
    Each coaching session ends with a discussion of your unique next steps to complete before we meet next. You'll receive detailed workbooks and exercises with step-by-step instructions that complement 1:1 coaching calls and allow you to make continuous progress between our sessions. My clients love the sense of momentum and accountability that this approach creates as it helps them to achieve their goals a lot faster and more confidently than if they were to try it on their own.
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